Aboriginal Elder, Gayle Rankine was appointed chair of the Indigenous Persons with Disabilities Global Network, a network representing Indigenous persons with disabilities from all seven geo-political regions, at an annual conference held in Bangkok in June.

Gayle Rankine is the Chairperson of First Peoples Disability Network (Australia), the national peak organisation of and for Australia’s First Peoples with disability. FPDN has been a member of the Global Network for three years and this appointment is an international recognition of the work of FPDN and its growth over the past decade.

Gayle Rankine said: “I am humbled by this appointment and I am very motivated to work with my colleagues around the world to ensure that the rights and unmet needs of Indigenous people are better understood and that access to support, services and genuine opportunities to participate are improved. The issues faced by Indigenous people in the regions we represent are diverse, and we recognise this.  As a united group, we aim to support the work of each member organisation including FPDN and work towards a brighter future where human rights are acknowledged and upheld.”

“I take this opportunity to congratulate the outgoing chairperson, Setareki Macanawai, and commend him on his leadership and achievements over the past three years.”

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